Bathroo Cleaning Soap with Lemon and Thyme. 

Say goodbye to plastic bottles of toxic chemicals. Introducing the non-toxic and 100% plastic free way to clean your kitchen. This soap bar is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial whilst also killing E-coli and salmonella making is the perfect cleaning power for any kitchen This bathroom cleaner cleans and polishes your surfaces, sinks, tiles, oven doors and taps without harming you or the planet.

Why we love this product:
• Handmade in small batches in Totnes, Devon, UK.
•Packaging is recyclable / compostable
•Zero plastic
•No chemicals
•Long lasting and easy to use

How to use: 
1) Wet the area to be cleaned
2) Rub the soap bar directly onto the area
3) Rub with a damp cloth 
4) Rinse off
5) Buff with a soft, dry cloth for a high shine finish

Approx. 125g per bar 

Ingredients: Claranol Clear Soap, Lemon Oil, Thyme Oil, Pumice Powder.

Kitchen Cleaning Soap - Lemon & Thyme

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