Introducing our pack of 5 Turtley Eco reusable wipes. Perfect for everyday use to replace disposable wet wipes and baby wipes. These wipes are handmade from cotton and bamboo terry fabric, beautifully soft and easy to wash. 

The large majority of disposable wet wipes and destined for landfill and contains plastics and chemicals. They take many many years to break down. They also cause 93%  of blocked sewage pipes and end up in the oceans, breaking down into micro plastics. In April 2018, 5,453 wet wipes were removed from just 116 square meters of the River Thames. 

They have a wide variety of uses however are perfect for cleaning up your little ones after feeding time, nappy time or play. They can be used dry or wet. Many people like to carry the wipes in a container with water and a drop of coconut oil or an essential oil solution so they are pre soaked for the day ahead. Please ensure to research your preferred solution as essential oils must be diluted accordingly and never pure. 

To wash: Simply pop in with your normal washing at 40-60 degrees - they can either be line dried or dried in the machine on very low. Advisable to wash in a small cotton produce bag to keep them all together. 

These wipes are approximately 14 cm by 14cm so can be folded a couple of times during the same use, meaning you will use far less cloth wipes than you would disposables. 

Please note: All of our reusable wipes are handmade so some variations in size may vary. The edges of the wipes may fray slightly after first couple of uses, this is to be expected and will reduce after the first washes - simply snip off any loose stands (being careful not to cut the stitch). Due to the nature of these product they are non returnable unless they are unused/fault/incorrect. Advised to wash yourself before use. 

Reusable wipes - Pack of 5


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