Wave goodbye to plastic, disposal razors that all end up in land fill. Introducing ‘Naked Necessities’! One razor to last you for many, many years. Making the change from disposable razors and heads to this metal safety razor will reduce your plastic use throughout your lifetime by a significant amount. 

These ‘Naked Shave Kits’ include one traditional safety razor, one vegan shaving soap (Orange and Lavender) and a set of 5 superior platinum double edge blades. 

To use: You do not need to apply any pressure, just simply hold the handle in your finger tips and allow the weight of the razor head to glide over your skin. Gives a close and smooth shave. 

The added benefit of the traditional safety razor is the gap between the blade and the frame, allowing hairs to escape the head of the razor, rather than getting stuck like disposable heads. 

Shaving soap - added clay makes a silky smooth shave, and soothing aloe vera clams the skin. These bars are Vegan, SLS Free, paraben free,  palm oil free, cruelty free and made in the UK.

About Naked Necessities: 
Naked Necessities is all about minimising waste, and reducing the impact on the environment, and they have been careful to source their products responsibly with their values close at heart. 

The box and cardboard is made from 100% recycled cardboard, and is also 100% recyclable. The manufacturing of the box is done using renewable energy, reducing the impact on the environment. 

The box has been hand stamped using acid-free inks, and the kit has been put together in Devon. 

Finally, the string is plant based Jute twine. Totally compostable and sustainable.


Please state in your order comments if this is a gift, if not we may ship as it is to save on excess boxes and packaging. This will involve the box being written on. 

Safety Razor Set


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