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Clown Fish Ned - Exclusive to Turtley Eco! 

This beautiful Ned has been specifically designed and created for Turtley Eco. This Ned is hand painted on the front with beautiful clown fish and coral. Your little ones new best friend! 

Plastic toys unfortunately will remain on our planet long after their use. Wooden toys are timeless, durable and made to last - unlike a lot of plastic toys on the market. 

Handmade in the Cornwall by Rudi and Bear - each Ned is individually hand crafted from beautiful oak keeping the natural grain meaning each Ned has its very own character. Once Ned has been completed he is covered in a natural Cornish beeswax polish to help protect his wood and leave a lovely matte finish. 

When standing tall Ned is 15cm head to toe. 

Ned also comes with a CE mark making him safe from birth.

Clown Fish Ned - Exclusive to Turtley Eco

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