A set of 3 organic produce bags to make plastic free shopping a breeze. Ideal for fruit, veg and bread. 

1 x organic bread bag
1 x mesh produce bag 
1 x lightweight produce bag

The bread bag is a waste-free way shop at the bakery but can also be used for fruit and veg too!

The lightweight produce bag is great for weight fruit and veg in a supermarket as it almost weights nothing on the scales.

The mesh bag ideal for shopping at a farmers market.

After use, you can just put them in your washing machine on 30 degrees and hang to dry. As the bags are made from natural material, the bags shrink about 10-12% from the original size.

Organic Net Bags
Size of the net bags are 38cm (High) x 30cm(Wide)
Weight 45 grams - Tare weight - 1.6oz

Organic Bread Bag
Size of the bread bag is 38cm (High) x 28cm(Wide)
Weight 34 grams - Tare weight 1.2oz

Organic Lightweight Bag
Size of the lightweight bag is 33cm (High) x 28cm(Wide)
Weight 17 grams - Tare weight 0.6oz

Organic Produce Bags & Bread Bag - 3 Pack

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